It’s time to connect, if Good enough is not Good enough

The other day I had an amazing interview on the Deanna Springola Radio Show. Here is the link to the interview It time to have a proper understanding on your why? We are in different times. My team and I are preparing for a free summit webinar to discuss , ” which are you aContinue reading “It’s time to connect, if Good enough is not Good enough”

Making Headlines and Making a Differenc

For the record, Keisha Lonon’s life-altering testimony wasn’t just for the betterment of her life. More than anything, it was for the advancement of others, particularly those who can greatly attest to the rash of obstacles through which she has gone and overcome. As Lonon — a Washington D.C.-area author/businesswoman — explained during an interviewContinue reading “Making Headlines and Making a Differenc”

Look who’s Featured in the July edition of the magazine RESILIENT

July Issue Loading 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥……………………………..80+ pages of RESILIENCY If you enjoyed June’s Issue… are going to faint on this one. Keisha S Lonon gave her soul and a taste of Washington, D.C. Subscribe Now at Special thanks to my RESILIENT ladies in the west coast for the amazing feedback. JulyIssueDropsJune30 Books are available on AmazonContinue reading “Look who’s Featured in the July edition of the magazine RESILIENT”

Modern Slavery

When teen dating violence intersect with human trafficking Teen dating violence numbers are rapidly increasing in the United States. I have a concern during this crisis the numbers will increase .  One-third  of teens will experience teen violence (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse from his or her dating partner. Sometimes the teen abuser in the relationship controlsContinue reading “Modern Slavery”

The Love (passion) is what makes me Fight to stop Modern Slavery.

Awareness !!! Human Trafficking (Modern Slavery )- please ask your loves ones to not travel alone and be aware of his or her surroundings. 94% of human trafficking victims were females , yes Men are victims too. 62% Of Human Trafficking suspects are African Americans 52% juvenile prostitution arrest are African Americans (human trafficking) 59Continue reading “The Love (passion) is what makes me Fight to stop Modern Slavery.”