Do you feel insecure and/or inadequate? Do you want to be a better version of yourself ?

The goal is to guide individuals to thrive at their highest level. Promoting a Glam Movement in your career, spiritually, stress, relations, positive habits, and more through a strategic technique.

KL expertise, focuses on Pain vs Problem through Emotional Literacy and Identifying Emotional Patterns. Emotional Literacy: articulate the emotions you are experiencing, manage your emotions, repair damage emotions, emotional interactivity (put it all together). Then develop a heartfelt sense of self-compassion, identify emotional patterns/ break negative cycles, and enhance self-love to assist with developing a personalized system just for you

1# New Release Book on Amazon

Paper back & E-book

1# New Release on Amazon.

Keisha Lonon is an Emotional Recovery/Glam Coach.

PAIN IS A GIFT= Wisdom/Growth

Problem Vs. Pain

Pain is Deep inside– depress, insecure, feel inadequate. I want to be a better version of me. I feel unworthy.

Problem is on the surface- I’m frustrated I lost friends, my husband, I am barely making ends meet. Weight Gain/Loss, Job Loss. I want a better job. I want to grow spiritually.

Motivational Speaking Engagements. Please email for booking Keishalonon@gmail.com

The Self-Glam Movement has three phases: Recognition, Recovery, & Resources.

People deserve to be free from emotional baggage and to get to the other side of recovery so they can thrive at their highest level. My Book  “Being a Victim By Just Being Me” helped  women navigate through times of challenge and crisis to reclaim (and invigorate) their lives.

Keisha Lonon was featured on the cover of Resilient Magazine (July Issue) and various radio stations/podcast.

Please listen to an amazing interview with Deeana Spingola https://spingola.com/KeishaLonon62720.mp3

Making the News Headline https://makingheadlinenews.com/2020/06/15/washington-d-c-author-keisha-lonon-on-her-empowering-new-book-i-knew-i-wanted-a-larger-platform-to-make-a-difference/


Self- Glam Movement will give you the tools for self-empowerment , the power to reclaim yourself to achieve a new you.

Please email keishalonon@gmail.com per booking for speaking engagements and/ or emotional coaching sessions

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People deserve to be free from emotional baggage and to get to the other side of recovery so they can thrive at their highest level.

I would like to help you achieve your higher level of excellence #reclaimyourself (Recognition, Recovery, and Resources)

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