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At the age of five, there were many things that held power over a young lady’s life. These forces were fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD, detachment, separation anxiety, insecurity, and mistrust—and they all led the author of this book to nontraditional suicidal attempts. Nobody saw the symptoms until the disease had taken its toll. She was lost on the path she was following because she walked in silence. A broken home can break an individual and cause mental health conditions, leave a person in jail, and even lead to death.
In this book, meet that little girl who grew up to earn her master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. She wants to share with you abundant love and the secret to changing your life by impacting the daily victimization of others. She aligned herself with others who had the same mindset as she did, and it was a game changer.
Success is not defined by your bank account, but by the peace and happiness you have within yourself. This book will help you on your journey to find that peace and happiness : a life makeover.

“Most people will stay on auto-pilot until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change.” Anonymous Advocate

Published by Victimology with KL

Keisha Lonon earned a Masters’ in Forensic Psychology, Health Advisory Board Member of Councilman Brandon Todd, and the Rise Project Advocate at NVRDC where she advocates for survivors/ victims. She provides awareness, resources, and tools for self-empowerment to those who experience homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, & issues with crime victim rights. As a highly motivated advocate, she has over 8 yrs of experience and was a victim of domestic violence. She trained/worked at GBI, Georgia Bureau Investigation in the Child Exploitation and Computer Crime Unit. Lonon has served as a Crisis Counselor. She traveled throughout the community to provide community based mobile crisis intervention and case management services to children and families who are suffering psychotic crisis and trauma within their home. In addition, Lonon is an author, advocate, activist & motivational speaker for teen domestic violence intersecting with human trafficking within her community. Her goal is to impact victimization through awareness, self-help, affirmation and resources.

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