Who is Keisha Lonon ?

Keisha Lonon is an Author , Advocate , Podcaster, and an Emotional Coach. As a Master Forensic Psychologist, (A Victim Advocate ) for Domestic Violence,Homicide, Crime Victim Rights, Sexual Assault, and Human Traffic Victims.  She realized the similarity in everyone , including herslef. She was a victim growing up. She would tell her story to empower the victims during his or her traumatic situation. Discussing the techniques she used to empower herself. She mirror the system to develope the Sel-Glam Movement – 21-Days to reclaim yourself.

21-Day Reclaim yourself workbook. will help you Recognize your emotional crisis, assist with Recovery and Thriving.  You will be able to reclaim yourself after an emotional crisis. People deserve to be free from emotional baggage and to get to the other side of recovery so they can thrive at their highest level. I would like to help you achieve your higher level of excellence #reclaimyourself (Recognition, Recovery, and Resources). My Book  “Being a Victim By Just Being Me” helped  women navigate through times of challenge and crisis to reclaim (and invigorate) their lives.

What type of crisis are you experiencing?

Situational crisis- the unexpected changes that affect your daily life. For instance, death, loss of a job, and/or divorce.

Developmental crisis- the expected normal life changes. For instance, career change, having a baby, relocating, and more.

Existential crisis- the situation you are trying to understand internal mental conflict. For instance, purpose of life, regrets/remorse, and your value.

The Self-Glam Movement has three phases:

1. Recognition (Education)- Victimology with KL + Podcast + Unpack Emotions Training (emotional coaching) + Book

2. Recovery (Coaching) -21 Day Workbook{ 21 Day Self-Glam (Healing)}

3. Resources -Find your Purpose (Job Resources)

It’s time to connect, if Good enough is not Good enough

The other day I had an amazing interview on the Deanna Springola Radio Show. Here is the link to the interview https://spingola.com/KeishaLonon62720.mp3

It time to have a proper understanding on your why? We are in different times. My team and I are preparing for a free summit webinar to discuss , ” which are you a creator or a seeker during these times. Let’s discover your mindset now so you can build during these times.

In order to be a powerhouse , you must rub elbows with a few powerhouse people.

Making Headlines and Making a Differenc

For the record, Keisha Lonon’s life-altering testimony wasn’t just for the betterment of her life.

More than anything, it was for the advancement of others, particularly those who can greatly attest to the rash of obstacles through which she has gone and overcome.
As Lonon — a Washington D.C.-area author/businesswoman — explained during an interview this week with Making Headline News, it all started at a fundraising event for Crime Victim Rights sponsored by Network  For Victims of Recovery of DC during which the president of Washington Hospital was hoping to cross paths with her.
Interestingly, he fielded a letter from a victim, who vividly disclosed how Lonon miraculously changed her life. Ironically, such an emotionally-driven letter is featured in Lonon’s new book entitled, Being A Victim By Just Being Me

Look who’s Featured in the July edition of the magazine RESILIENT

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If you enjoyed June’s Issue…..you are going to faint on this one. Keisha S Lonon gave her soul and a taste of Washington, D.C.

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Books are available on Amazon “Being a Victim By Just Being Me” a great self- empowerment book , changing negativity to positivity😍

Modern Slavery

When teen dating violence intersect with human trafficking

Teen dating violence numbers are rapidly increasing in the United States. I have a concern during this crisis the numbers will increase .  One-third  of teens will experience teen violence (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse from his or her dating partner. Sometimes the teen abuser in the relationship controls the victim by using his or her power to obtain sex / money. The same psychological game is played in human trafficking. These familiar scenarios / comfort zone for the teen seems as if its a regular relationship. There are predator’s seeking for vulnerable individuals with these expectations of a relationship. The goal is to have full control of the individual and obtain sex on a much larger scale and more exploitative scale.

  SO the teen who have experienced abuse in relationships are more susceptible to be trafficked in the future. Stats has proven future exploitation more likely when an individual has already experienced violence in dating . Traffickers knows it is easy to control their predisposition to normalize the abuse.  My goal is to bring awareness , identify the abuse and patterns, I need to  make this is normal conversation for everyone. Awareness will help lessen the number of teenagers being harmed through dating violence , promote knowledge and the understanding the concerns of this issues. Parents, leaders, teachers, neighbors and teens/young adults are afraid to talk about it. Let’s make this a normal conversation. The average person does not believe he or she can be a victim. They think the trafficker is a boggy man and he’s the guy right next door.  “Healthy relationships are impressionable” . Let’s make this a daily conversation within our community

Pre-Order is Coming Soon


At the age of five, there were many things that held power over a young lady’s life. These forces were fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD, detachment, separation anxiety, insecurity, and mistrust—and they all led the author of this book to nontraditional suicidal attempts. Nobody saw the symptoms until the disease had taken its toll. She was lost on the path she was following because she walked in silence. A broken home can break an individual and cause mental health conditions, leave a person in jail, and even lead to death.
In this book, meet that little girl who grew up to earn her master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. She wants to share with you abundant love and the secret to changing your life by impacting the daily victimization of others. She aligned herself with others who had the same mindset as she did, and it was a game changer.
Success is not defined by your bank account, but by the peace and happiness you have within yourself. This book will help you on your journey to find that peace and happiness : a life makeover.

“Most people will stay on auto-pilot until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change.” Anonymous Advocate

The Love (passion) is what makes me Fight to stop Modern Slavery.

Awareness !!! Human Trafficking (Modern Slavery )- please ask your loves ones to not travel alone and be aware of his or her surroundings.

94% of human trafficking victims were females , yes Men are victims too.

62% Of Human Trafficking suspects are African Americans

52% juvenile prostitution arrest are African Americans (human trafficking)

59 % of victims of human trafficking are African Americans

Sex trafficking hotline 24/7 1-(855)313-3733

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