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It’s time to connect, if Good enough is not Good enough

The other day I had an amazing interview on the Deanna Springola Radio Show. Here is the link to the interview It time to have a proper understanding on your why? We are in different times. My team and I are preparing for a free summit webinar to discuss , ” which are you aContinue reading “It’s time to connect, if Good enough is not Good enough”

Making Headlines and Making a Differenc

For the record, Keisha Lonon’s life-altering testimony wasn’t just for the betterment of her life. More than anything, it was for the advancement of others, particularly those who can greatly attest to the rash of obstacles through which she has gone and overcome. As Lonon — a Washington D.C.-area author/businesswoman — explained during an interviewContinue reading “Making Headlines and Making a Differenc”

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5 thoughts on “Blogs / Media Interviews

  1. Sissy I’m so happy for you and all your future endeavors. Be true to thine own self cause they are are no limits when Jehovah is in the mix. 🙌🏾🙏🏾😘

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